मंगलवार, 29 मई 2012


1. To work for and create unity amongst sindhi community through out world and in India.
2. To work for Social , Educational, Economical and Political Awareness and upliftment programs amongst sindhis
3. To preserve the Constitutional right of sindhis to be declared by the central govt. of India and other states as sindhi community constitutional minority and 8% OBC being linguistic minority in India by amending the constitution.
4. To suggest the central govt. of India to allow those sindhis who are residing in Pakistan to migrate to India without visa in lieu of british govt’s treaty of 1947 of partition of borders and land between India and Pakistan as the land of Sindh has been handed over to Pakistan and land of India have been allotted to hindus of Pakistan when a Pakistani citizen after 50 years coming to India can claim his properties by Enemy property act of India then why Hindus of Pakistan can’t claim their homeland in India as per conditions of british govt’s treaty of 1947.
5. To construct a big building for Sindhu Bhawan at All India Level in the India’s capital Delhi to solve the problems of sindhi community.
6. To suggest the central and state govts to form sindhi development board at central and state levels to solve the constitutional problems of Social, Educational, Economical and Political fields of sindhi community.
7. To suggest the central govt. and state govts. Through sindhi community proposal to declare Cheti Chand (Birthday of God Jhulelal of Sindhi Community) as national holiday just like mahavir jayanti, janmashtmi, gurunanak jayanti, guru govind singh jayanti, gud Friday, ramnovmi, durga ashtmi etc.
8. To form and get register “All India Sindhis Welfare Trust” to work for sindhi community for their awareness and upliftment in Social , Educational, Economical and Political fields.
9. To survey through out India to form sindhi community’s own political party in India for their legal and constitutional survival rights.
10. To work for to safe guard and protect the culture, civilization, heritage and language of sindhi community on this earth and must hope for creation, formation and existence with rebirth of sindh or sindhi state of sindhi community.

Agenda Narrated by : Ashok Matai
Advocate Notary Public, Ajmer

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  1. Excellent agenda and good effort done towards joining all Sindhis and work for Social, economical, educational & political development of the community & nation.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं